Online Fax Services

Internet Fax services are one of the best ways to manage any and all incoming fax and outgoing fax needs. For business or personal use, many internet fax service providers offer internet fax services for as low at $3.95/mo. With a price like that, is it time for you to consider throwing away that old, bulky fax machine and replacing it with internet fax?

Our goal at is to provide honest and detailed internet fax reviews to help you find the best match for your needs and get the best deal possible (like a free trial from Rapidfax that’s going on now).  These are our comprehensive reviews:

NEXTIVA ($4.95/mo. 500 incoming faxes)

Nextiva Fax is a great choice for individuals and business.  The Nextiva basic plan includes an annual discount for $4.95/mo which includes 500 incoming faxes per month and all the access you need to stored sent and received faxes.  The Nextiva Fax system is easy to use and is well integrated with Microsoft applications like Word, Excel and Presentations.  Nextiva Fax is easily one our favorite internet fax providers. – Nextiva Fax Review

PACKETEL (now part of the myFax family)

Packetel’s pfax service is fantastic for those looking for an inexpensive, unlimited incoming fax option. For $3.95/mo. you get unlimited incoming faxes with no set-up, no hidden fees and no minimums. If you pay annually you get a free month and if you pay for 2 years you get 2 free months. You can even pay with PayPal!  – Packetel Review

MYFAX ($10/mo. Incoming and Outgoing)

MyFax has a great program and is only $10/mo. (they also offer a $110/yr. option which gives you 12 months for the price of 11). You get 100 sent faxes and 200 incoming. They also include a toll-free number!!If you need to send a lot of faxes they have a great program. If you are only interested in incoming then go with one of the less expensive options listed above. – myFax Review

eFAX (20% Off Monthly Price)

eFax internet fax is a good all-round solution for incoming and outgoing faxes. They have 2 basic plans to choose from: eFaxPlus – $12.95/mo. with unlimited incoming and .10 per page outgoing & eFaxPro – $19.95/mo. with unlimited incoming, 200 free outgoing, 1 year online storage and voicemail. Very reliable and one of the “big boys” in the VoIP industry. – eFax Review

CALLWAVE (Free First Month – $7.95/mo.)

CallWave has the best basic Fax-to-Email program available. For $7.95/mo. you get unlimited incoming faxes. No strings attached, no set up, no maintenance fees, nothing. This is great if you only need an incoming fax number. If you need outgoing faxes as well then please read the other reviews. – CallWave Review

RapidFAX (Free Toll-Free Number)

RapidFax is fantastic because you can get a toll-free number (866) for no extra charge and they have a special offer for $8.95/mo. instead of the normal $9.95/mo. which includes the standard 200 incoming 100 outgoing pages for free. No set-up, no contract and no downloads. – RapidFax Review