Packetel Review

Packetel is a very basic, inexpensive fax service with no fancy extras, hidden fees just basic unlimited incoming faxes for $3.95/mo. If you are only looking for incoming faxes and may be receiving a lot of them then this is for you. $3.95/mo. includes everything and can be accepted from anywhere in the world.

UPDATE: Packetel was purchased by MyFax and is no longer $3.95.  The next best option is now Nextiva which is $4.95/mo. and offers the same service.  Try Nextiva here or Learn more here.

Packetel runs on any network environment (e.g. Dial-up, ISDN, DSL, Cable Modem, T1, or T3 network connections) without any problems so it will work well for anyone. There is no software installation required in most computer systems. Another nice feature is you can specify up to two email addresses for receiving faxes. You can also selectively print out just the faxes that you want. They also offer a junk filter which seems to work well.

Packetel offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and are really good at refunding if something isn’t right or doesn’t work. We’ve liked their service and highly recommend Packetel if you are looking for high volumes of incoming faxes. It truly is unlimited and worth signing up. They have an auto bill feature and if you don’t sign up for automatic billing they will not charge your credit card. Reliable, cheap and efficient.

3 thoughts on “Packetel Review

  1. Jane

    This service is not $3.95 anymore due to that its part of Myfax and has been for over a year and those rates are no longer valid.

    1. FaxReviewer Post author

      Jane, you are right. The next best option is Nextiva and you can try them here. They end up at $4.95/mo. and after Nextiva the rest are all about the same as far as price goes so you’ll want to look at features. Thanks for commenting.

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